Klytus (klytus) wrote in depression_add,

N'ere shall be

Have you ever known The Pit
And dwelt in that dark home?
The air’s so thick it hurts to breathe,
And always you feel alone.

Have you ever known The Pit
Where a fog will fill your heart
Your feelings all turn numb and gray
And desire you can’nae impart?

Have you ever known The Pit
Where the pain goes past the sky
And you’re sure that this you deserve
Nae knowing that thought is a lie?

Have you ever known The Pit
With naught but despair or rage?
Is it better to feel all empty inside
Or feel like a beast on a stage?

Have you ever known The Pit?
Gloom coats your soul like mold,
So while the sun may sear your skin
In your heart, you still feel cold.

Do you know the clouds that clog your mind?
Perception is what they steal
All the world feels so far away
You’ll think that naught is real.

Have you never known The Pit?
‘Tis a lurking wolf of black
You know she’ll lunge right for your throat
When ‘ere you show your back.

Have you met the Black-She-Wolf?
For once she knows you’re there
Sweetly she’ll whisper in your ears
For you to abandon care.

Have you met the Black-She-Wolf?
And looked her in the eye?
And when you saw your hurt in there,
Did it make you want to cry?

Have you heard her siren song?
That you’ve done all that you could
Your only hope is death, she sings,
To end your pain for good.

Have you been to that Abyss
And tried to heed the call?
Did you ever hatch a plan
And try to end it all?

If you have never known The Pit
You, my friend, are blessed
For those of us who know that place
We never can truly rest.

For no matter where we go in life
Always we need beware
For when we fall, the wolf will bite
And drag us to her lair.

But if it is you know The Pit
I hope that here you see
No matter what the wolf may say
Alone you n’ere shall be.
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