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Depression and ADD: D+A

support for those with Depression and ADD

Depression and ADD: A support community: D+A
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All Members , Moderated
Support community for those with forms of ADD and Depression. No ones problems are too small or large for this community. We will listen. This community is a place you can talk about whats bothering you freely, but please try to stay on-topic-ish.

Feel free to:
- Use this community as an alternative to your own journal, if you feel like you don't want to have these things on your friends list
- Ask questions
- friends-lock your entries
- post a LOT (Seriously, don't worry about posting constantly. Just put up an LJ-cut.)

1. What happens in the community, STAYS IN THE COMMUNITY. Do not copy, distribute, or talk/write about entries in this comm without EXPRESS PERMISSION. If this rule is broken twice, the community is going friends-only.
2. No trolling, insulting, flaming, ect. Members may feel free to delete hurtful comments made to their posts. Rude posts or comments may be deleted by a mod without warning.
3. USE AN LJ-CUT. <*lj-cut text="your text"*> minus stars. If your post is more than a paragraph, CUT IT.
4. Do not play the 'sicker-than-thou' game. Belittling someone elses problems by showing that yours are worse is very much frowned upon. EVERYONE has problems here, help support the person instead of saying how worse off you are.
5. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE should EVER advise hurting ones-self or suicide.
6. Making new posts to advertising other communities / forums / websites is allowed, but must be put under an LJ-cut. Advertising must be directly related to D+A, or relevent. Use your head! Example:
Allowed: (under lj cut) Here is a new community about ADD / my new support website / a new forum
NOT allowed: Here is a community about my friend sally! (totally un-related)
NOT allowed: Community about (suicidal tendancy) and how GREAT IT IS! (destructive community/site, NO.)
Case by case basis: New community about other mental problems! (this really depends)

If it is bad, and you feel like hurting yourself, please call 911, your therapist/ counciler/ psychologist/ psychiatrist, or someone else that can help you. If you just need someone to talk to, here's a list of people that will listen:
(mod)Himemiyadesu - I frequently forget to put up away messages ^^; If I don't respond, try emailing me!
(mod)Miyuki_lace *at* yahoo *dot* com
To be added to this list, comment to one of the mod's entries. Current mod is himemiyapinku.

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